Monday, October 8, 2018

Knotts Haunt...

Otherwise known as Knotts Scary Farm!

It's the most wonderful time of year!  This means fun Halloweeny type excursions!

Our 1st adventure was the play - Jekyll and Hyde at Maverick Theater. Unfortunately I wasn't all that impressed.  Taylor, the boy and I hit up the show one Friday night last month.  It had played the year prior but I missed it, so I was thrilled to catch it this time around.  The acting was decent and the play was alright, but I just wasn't wow'd.  So - meh.

But - Excursion #2 was loads of fun!!!  Haunt!!  Yay!

Now - it was made a hell of a lot more fun with Front of Line passes.  Let me tell you friends - pay the extra dime for the front of line.  It's so worth it!  The lines can get so friggin long, and as much fun as I have at Haunt, a lot of the mazes are just ok.  So if you wait over an hour for a half ass maze - you're going to be pissed.

I must admit - the years past hitting up Knott's Haunt have been quite disappointing.  But last year they really stepped it up and I was thrilled.  This year wasn't as good as last year, but it was still better than years past!

The night started off just lovely with food and libations and laughs at TGIFriday's, which happens to be right there at the park - so hello convenience!  We had a great "Haunting" crew this year.  Taylor of course - my Horror Partner in Crime, the boyfriend and his bestie and his wife (who by the way had their 1st date at Haunt in 1994!).  The wife - she's our people.  This girl loves Halloween as much as Taylor and I.  The 5 of us had such a great time!!

Wine...Food...precious little waiter...great friends...BLISS!
We decided to hit the mazes behind Ghost Rider to start out the night.  1st maze we hit was "Trick or Treat."  This was not based on the movie, but rather actual trick or treating.  They let you in a little groups and your handed a flashlight.  Super cute idea and a very fun maze.  The scares were ok but the decor was great!  Your flashlight also changes colors and goes out every now and again.  Super fun!

Next up was The Depths.  This one was so-so.  The story line didn't quite come across and the scares were meh.
After The Depths we hit up Dark Entities.  Sadly didn't care for this one that much either.  I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan when I'm hitting up horror stuff I guess.  They also packed ALOT of people into this one so it was a bit crowded.

Next - Paranormal Inc.  Now I was super bummed with this one because it's usually one of my favorites, but it seems to have slacked off this year.  The pre-show bit they usually do was way shorter and didn't even make sense.  The gal flying across the top was and always is super cool but I missed the pre-show story set up.  This one also gets a bit confusing when the two separate directions you can go get merged.

This covered the back corner.  On our way back through the park we stopped for drinks at the bar near Ghost Rider - note - great for beer, not for wine.  It's also a nice little nook to escape the screaming Tweens for a minute.

After that we headed over to one of my all time favorites - Special Ops Infected.  This one you get a gun and are sent in small groups through a maze to kill zombies!  There are soldiers throughout, yelling at you and playing up the screaming "DO WHAT I SAY" soldier types.  The zombies have things on their necks and heads that light up when you shoot them!  I hate guns - but give me fake ones and running around killing zombies and I'm in!  I'm a bit ambitious and tore through the maze leaving my group behind most of the time, so when I'd run up to a soldier he'd yell "Where's the rest of your group!?"  They got yelled at for not keeping up with me. Ha ha!  I'm a zombie killing machine!!  This maze was a favorite for sure - it's so fast paced and fun and the soldiers and zombies do a fantastic job keeping up with their characters!  We actually all even went back later for a round 2 later in the night and the actors were still on top of it!  Props to the talent in that maze for sure!  (PS - I got 22 kills the 1st time and tied with Jose with 13 kills the 2nd time!)

Zombie Killas!!!!

After killing zombies we hit up The Red Barn.  This one is pretty gross.  Some of my group didn't care for it too much but I thought the decor was great.  It really is disgusting but it fits the story line for sure.  They also pack too many people in this one too, so it's kind of like cattle moving through (Maybe that's the point?).  Scares are just meh - but still fun!  And of course you may get chased by a chainsaw wielding dude with a pig head - always good times.

Around this time we wandered into the Halloween Store next to the Arcade and browsed the goodies.  I seriously wanted to buy so many things!!!  They also had a cute little photo op so the boy and I took advantage.

I then grabbed a game card to hit some games later when everyone else was on rides.  Sadly a whole bunch of games weren't working in the arcade.  Ack.

We then wandered through the Carn-Evil Scare zone.  The boys all decided to go on the Xcelerator ride, so Mandy and I enjoyed watching the clowns terrify the tweens.  By the way...did you know that Friday nights all the tweens come out?  So many screaming children.  My GAWD.  The boys all gave the ride a thumbs up - so you thrill seekers check it out!

This was also about the time we were able to get our rad group shot!

Haunt Crew 2018
 Next up was my favorite maze of the night - Shadow Lands.  This maze is decorated just beautifully!!  They also only let a certain amount of people in at a time which makes such a great difference.  One of the actresses comes down this hallway in a very "Grudge" "Ring" like fashion - so creepy!!!!  The scares were great!  Some bungee folks, people blending right in with the damn trees and a fantastic giant monster at the end.  This maze kicked ass.  Had it not been in the back corner we may have hit that one up again!

Next up was the Dark Ride maze.  This one, like Paranormal, so disappointed me!  Last year this maze was a favorite but this year it was a mess.  You couldn't even tell the story line, the monsters seemed bored and the fantastic scene in the middle that I fell in love with last year was kind of a chaotic mess.  Plus they let waaaaay too many people in at time and it was so packed.  So super bummed this one was such a let down.

The last maze was Pumpkin Eater.  The scares were meh but the decorations were awesome!  It smelled like you were in a an actual pumpkin!  Very cool concept and the decor was friggin rad.  They also had this really fucked up scary horse at the end that I loved.

At some point in the evening we did go through the other 2 scare zones - Ghost Town and the new one that was a Victorian like themed.  Ghost Town is always a hoot because it's so foggy and people are jumping out of everywhere and all you hear are screams.  Hilarious.  The Victorian scare zone wasn't real scary but the costumes were very cool!  We also wandered through Camp Snoopy which also may be a scare zone...?  There were monsters and I really love how they decorate that area!  So rad!

Re-visiting their 1st date in 1994!!
One point in the evening we hit up the log ride.  They don't have actual scare actors on the ride, but they do decorate it and have neat things to look at as you sail through.  Totally fun and I didn't get too wet being sandwiched between the boys. Ha!

The crew hit up ghost rider while I went and played a few games.  Didn't win.  Ugh!  But they all raved about Ghost Rider - so again - you thrill folks - hit it!

Mandy and Jose had to head out a bit earlier, so we said our goodbyes and Taylor, Pat and I went and played more games - Taylor won me a wolf pillow dude so I did get one new friend to add to my collection.  The boys also hit up Silver Bullet and said it was rad.  I loved sitting out and watching the Victorian folks scare the hell out of the tweens.

We wandered around a bit more, but our feet were starting to bark so we called it a night.  

Haunts is a def a fun night!!  Thumbs up from me!

I had such a great time!  We had a perfect crew and it was a night of Halloweeny Fun for sure!!!  A big Thank you to Taylor for making it all happen!  I fucking love Halloween Time!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh Hearings Today...


I listened to almost the entire thing today - that lasted ALL DAY.

I listened because there are certain things I get more passionate about then other things and Women's Rights is a big one.

I listened today because I wanted to support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her brave as hell testimony today.  She didn't want to be forced into the world's spotlight but she was and showed up because she felt it was her civic duty.

Holy Shit.  I've had so many emotions today that there's no way I can put it into a blog that makes sense so I'm going to try to pull some humor and just list  -

The Thoughts I Had Listening to Today's Hearing:

  • Holy shit this woman is so fucking brave.  I want to hug her.
  • There is no way she's lying.  I watched today a raw, honest testimony by a woman who was traumatized years ago by drunk men. 
  • You never forget a face when you go through something like that. Never.
  • I, along with so many other women today, were triggered because we have been sexually assaulted and this was bringing it all back up.  Ladies you're not alone. 
  • We are finally having a voice and people are listening and all you fuckers out there who say "Why are you just now bringing it up" and "Boys will be Boys" and "Oh just get over it" "Or the woman was asking for it by wearing xxx"  CAN FUCK RIGHT THE FUCK OFF.
  • Yes I'm angry.  I'm tired of having to explain myself.
  • Some of you people wonder why we don't speak up more often - this:
    That is what we have to deal with most of the time when we try to speak up.  Literally this a perfect picture.  This was an angry republican white male senator who flipped out today.
  • Kavanaugh was whining and avoiding questions the entire time, blaming democrats and the media.  This to me was a guilty man finally caught.
  • This is seriously the grumpiest of grumpiest old men:
    All he did was get mad and yell at everyone.
  • When Dr. Ford was being questioned by Republicans they hired Rachel Mitchell to ask all the questions for them.  But when Kavanaugh was up there she didn't ask the questions, they did. What. The. Fuck. Was. That.
  • They asked Kavanaugh so many damn times why he doesn't ask for an FBI Investigation (Dr. Ford said totally) and he never would ANSWER!  YOU ARE GUILTY!
  • One thing I noticed - so many of the Senators thanked Dr. Ford and praised her for her courage.  When Kavanaugh was up they would sympathize with what he and his family were going through - they would also mention sympathies about what Ford and her family were going through.  They didn't mention Kavanaugh when expressing thanks and sympathy to Ford. I actually appreciated that.
  • When an entitled man gets caught he throws a tantrum.  We saw that today.  It reminded me of a 7 year old in a principals office pitching a fit because he knew he was caught.
  • Kamala Harris is my hero.
  • "Just say yes or no" (When she asked for the umpteenth time if he would ask for an FBI Investigation)
  • "I'm taking that as no so we can move on".  Me:
  • This picture is all women all the time when men are flipping out:
  • Everytime a Republican got pissy and went on a ridiculous rant about how horrid democrats are:
  • This whole thing today was a goddamn circus
  • Also this:
  • I really do think everyone believed Dr. Ford, but the shitty thing is most of them won't care.  This - again - is why it's so hard for women to come forward. 
  • I truly love all the men in my life that are allys and believe us and stand by us.

To Dr. Ford.  Thank you.  My heart goes out to what you and your family are going through.  You're truly a fucking hero.

Please please please let this have mattered.
Oh won't because I do think they believe her - but they don't fucking care.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Tower of Power at the LA County Fair...

I got a text from my dad:

"Want to go see Tower of Power at the LA County Fair?"

I think you know my answer.

He had two kick ass tix that a friend of his gave him.

We rolled out around 2 on Friday to beat the traffic and get up there and wander the fair.  He bought me a new hat, we looked at the art , we then landed in Chingon Kitchen for awhile where we snacked and drank while getting out of the heat and killing time.  We then decided to check out the Farm Animals and later ended up watching a super cool stunt show with BMX bikers and skateboarders!  They were awesome!

Weird Art


Hi Farm Friends!


Dad next to a super old Fire Hose!

Daddy Daughter Date!
Then it was time for the show.

I have never seen a show at LA County Fair (Pomona Fairplex) and it's a pretty cool venue.  We were 4th fucking row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so friggin awesome!  Now - I know you've all heard me go on and on about Tower of Power before - but you guys - Seriously - BEST LIVE BAND EVA!!  These guys have been around for 50 years and kick such ass.  Their brass section is ridiculous!  Emilo and Doc are the originals but a lot of the others have been with them for years.  Their newest singer - Marcus Scott is fan fucking tastic!!! I honestly can't say enough how awesome these guys are.  Every single musician is brilliant.  They are tight, perfectly on key and super energetic! The video I took didn't take, but check out this show they did for NPR Tiny Desk Concert a few months ago:


That's just a taste of what they can do.  They are amazing and we danced our asses off and sang at the top of our lungs and I was so tired and voiceless the next day but so worth it!!  Then we stuck around for War!  Remember War?  Yeah them!  They brought it too!!  The man is 70 years old and kicked ass!  They of course played Cisco Kid and Low Rider and put on a fantastic show!

My phone camera blows but check em out:


Sing it Marcus!

Emilio is always having so much fun up there!


Kick ass!
Seriously an absolutely great night of music!!!  Music is and always will be such a huge part of my life and when you see it live and it's better than recorded - you know you've hit a winner.  If you ever get a chance to see Tower - do it.  I promise you they'll blow you away!!

Thank you dad for treating me to a fun day and to Fernando for our amazing tickets!!!

Tower of Power fans forever!
Twas a great night indeed!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A few days in SC...

San Clemente to be exact.

Mom has a timeshare and stays down there for 1 week a year.  It usually falls in September/October.  I do my best to get down there for at least a day.  This year I was able to get down there for almost 3 days!

She checks in 3pm on Sunday.  I took her down and stayed until Tuesday night.  It was so goddamn beautiful!  I love spending time down there.  I could seriously sit on that balcony all damn day.  I mean wouldn't you with this view:

I mean...
We hit up the 3-5 wine and cheese and headed to our abode!

Mom is actually drinking wine!!
So after we got all settled in on Sunday late afternoon, my boyfriend and his little came down.  They hung out on the beach for a bit.  I met them down there and collected some rocks to paint, then we had dinner back at the condo with mom, played cards and watched the sunset!

Hi trolley!

No filter

My love
After they left I sat out on the balcony late into the evening listening to the waves crash and trying to take night photos.  I got one!

Beautiful night!
I then sleep out in the fold out bed and listen to the waves crash all night long.  It's so peaceful!

The next day mom and I headed over to the Outlets in SC and got some shopping in!  She had some sort of points thing and got rewarded the "VIP" treatment.  So after our shopping and photo play, we found ourselves up in the lounge area where we were given snacks and wine!  We chilled up there for about an hour!  We also met my old boss Carol and her hubs for lunch!

Mom is a VIP!

After this, we decided to do some Geocaching!  There were a bunch hidden around there and we found 4!!  Mom was getting good at it!
Found our 1st cache!

Mom found this one!

Cache #2!

Cache #3!

 We then headed back to the condo and relaxed.  Dinner of course at Fishermans - my favorite place to eat down there.  Sadly the food quality has gone down and prices up, but honestly nothing beats the location!

No filter

Oysters are always a must
The next day I did my other favorite thing - coffee the balcony. (The 1st is of course wine on the balcony)

On this day, mom's girlfriends were coming down to check out the condo and walk with us.  I told them all about geocaching so we of course hunted for a bunch that were on the walkway we went on!  We found 4 out of 6!

My mom is cuter than yours!
Can't believe I found this one

Smallest f-ing cache eva!!!


The ladies

The last cache we found!  Mom took a sand dollar and I left a dragon!

This dog was stealth trying to get the birds

Cache #3!

Found our 1st cache!

Awwwww ya!

Saw a bunny taking a nap
Mom's friend Alexa always writes a little something after their walks/hikes.  I was mentioned in this one and she had pictures!!  So sweet!

Another great hike!  Belen is somewhere in London?  Xanadu?  Cucamonga?  Somewhere we are not.  Anyway, Jami came along with Lynn, Janice and me.  Janice was nice to invited us to her abode.  And right on the beach. 
We walked from the pier to the train station.  It was a perfect day for a walk on the beach.  And we had a lesson on geo-caching from Jami who found I think four caching.  One was about ½ inch in a table in the park.  That was hard to find! 
We had a delicious lunch at the Oyster Bar.   I wanted to stand on the sand and put our toes on the water, so we did!  Then we saw Janice’s time-share.  It is really cool. We’ll be back tomorrow!

Alexa's Pics (Hey that's me!)

Alexa's Pics

Alexa's Pics

Alexa's Pics

Alexa's Pics

After they headed out it was pretty much just a relax and do my favorite thing after mom and I took one final walk on the pier!

Mom & Daughter time!

My girlfriend Shan came by and we shared a glass of wine watching the sunset.

No filter
Around 8pm I begrudgingly headed home.  I so love getting down here!  This was the perfect trip with beautiful weather the whole time!  I couldn't have asked for more!  Relaxation, quality time with mom, hang with friends, walked, drank, ate and just enjoyed the moment!