Monday, October 14, 2019

Wedding Crashers...

I haven't been to a wedding in ages.
This month - I had 2 - back to back!

The 1st one I was just a regular ol' guest.  But for the 1st time I had a legit "plus 1".  Giggle.

My longtime friend Susan got hitched to Bobby.  You may recall - they did a hand fasting ceremony a few years back which you can read about here.

Pat and I got all dolled up - I mean how cute do we look!

I had to get a shot of us!

We clean up nice!
Then made the trek to Monrovia.
Susan looked stunning!

Miss Monica!


The wedding was lovely.  The reception was lovely and we had a great time!  Congrats to Susan and Bobby!

They were nice to each other..

Pat waiting to catch the garter, but alas no luck

Susan and Lincoln

Wedding #2 was way more involved.  My boyfriend was a groomsman!!!  And it was in Arizona.  Pat's best friend Adam was marrying the lovely Miss Sara.  So - Thursday morning we headed out for a whirlwind weekend.

We arrived a bit later than planned on Thursday so we drove straight to the Bachelor Party location where I dropped Pat off and then headed by myself to our Air bnb.  The only bummer was it seemed like everything was so far away from each other! It took a good 45min for me to get to the bnb.

I arrived and as quickly as I could, unloaded the car, freshened up and ran out the door to meet my friend Dolores!  I had hit her up knowing she was in AZ and she wasn't too far from where we were!  We went to this fantastic wine bar and had a great evening of catching up!

OCC Alum!
Much later that evening I got the text to come pick up Pat.  I headed back to the bar where they returned to pick up my dude as we had planned.  Let's just say that was a very late, yet entertaining evening.  HA!  The few groomsman who were left were having a last drink after a night of Bars, Escape Rooms, Rage Rooms and Poker.  I got to hear some very funny slurred stories.  The best man/DD took home the rest of the boys and I took home mine.

Obviously Friday morning turned into a very late, lazy morning getting up and moving but we finally got out the door for some lunch at Pat's all time favorite spot - Pita Jungle.  Soooooooo delicious!!  I seriously love that place and wish they still had them out here.  We then wandered around the mall to at least move a little (We had planned a possible hike...but it was hot as hell and just too much of a party weekend) and bought a few fun trinkets.  Back to the bnb to doll up for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Since I wasn't in the wedding I got to hang back and take some fun rehearsal shots.  I also got to meet Sara who seems to be a perfect match for Adam!

The Happy Couple

We then hit up this place called The Watershed that was absolutely gorgeous!  They had their own little area and had a yummy taco bar!  This was also when Jose got to meet up with us too!

My love

Best buds

Jose made it!

Lifelong friends!
Saturday was the big day!  Pat and I bustled around and headed out to meet Jose for a quick lunch before I dropped Pat off for the start of the festivities.  We hit up another AZ favorite called Wildflower for some yummy sandwiches.  I dropped Pat off and headed back to the bnb to grab a quick nap and get prettied up.  The wedding started at 4pm and was so pretty!  They had the church decorated in some gorgeous fall colors.  Sara looked stunning.  The bridal party looked stunning.  It was a beautiful evening filled with so much love and laughter!  I also got to see my man in a suit - and Hot DAMN!

I wrote limerick for them. Tee hee!  (They had a doorbell on their registry which Pat chose)

One of the groomsman - Phil - made all these little wooden signs by hand!!

Another woodworking friend made the arch!

Adam about to take the plunge!

The light wasn't on my side, so I didn't take too many pictures - but she looked amazing!!

That's my honey right there looking damn fine in his suit!

Yay they're married!

Pat and Chelsea

Of course we were at table 13

I loved the set up!  They did a sweetheart table but with the Best Man/MOH and their spouses

1st dance


The best mans toast may have been the best I ever heard...

Look at us dolled up 2 weekends in a row!

Yup.  He's mine.

They were nice too

Adams Mama

I helped the groomsman tie beer cans to the truck. He he he!  (PS..I may or may not have almost fallen in a ditch trying to take this picture....)
Sunday morning we grabbed a delicious breakfast at the HenHouse I think it was called and hit the road.

Although the weekend was mostly spent running around and driving all over towns, we had a great time!  We also had some really great talks and quality time with each other.  It seems I'm falling more in love with my guy which is such a trip :)