Sunday, September 26, 2021

San Diego Safari Park...

Took a fun day trip today!  It's been quite awhile since I went to San Diego Safari Park and it was so much fun to hit it up today!  Pat and Noel had never been so it was so fun to break their cherries.  The Gallo Family has memberships so they got us some great discounts to get in.  It was a wonderful group to spend the day with!  Yay animals!!!

 Let's do this!

Elise was going for the non emotion look...

There were tons of different kinds of birds.


Flamingos in Paint Setting

He was a talker

Angry Orange Duck

Majestically Awkward

Flamingos are meant for the Paint Setting

Another Angry Duck

Grumpy Old Men

Oh Hai!!!

She was bathing but I loooooved the feathers on this Blue Crane


Get my good side

Vulture Love

Bad hair day

We did the Kangaroo Walk!


Baby having a snack!

Roo Fam

Jack the Roo!

Saw some other fun sites!

Pat is taller than a Gorilla

So many animals!


Chewing on his thoughts

I love these guys...such a mish mash. Are you a horse? A Zebra? A Giraffe? A Cow?

Party Hog

Another chewer

Cutie Patootie!

So Dainty

Ass Party

Meeting of the Minds



Baby name is Kamaria - it means "beautiful like the light of the "moon.  Her mom's name means Sunshine.  I could die.


So Smoooll!!!

I love her





Another Meetings

He's going to kill us

The Godfathers

And of course - KITTIES!!!!!


Lion Love



And hell damn yes I got the souvenir photos!

Yay for a Successful Sunday Funday!