Saturday, October 3, 2020

Here a cache, there a cache, everywhere a cache cache...

Still do it.
Still obsessed.
Still want to cache them all!!

I love when caching brings me to beautiful places right around the corner from me.  Since I moved - one of those places is Oak Canyon Nature Reserve.  Get there.  It's gorgeous!

Easy find right at the beginning!

Can you hear the water?

So pretty

Could the cache be in there?

It sure can!  Left a dragon and took a necklace for Elise

I mean it was in the title of the cache....


So in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown I did find a couple caches.  There was one at the tiny little park down the street from our new home and one up by Robbers Peak.  Both took a few tries to find but I got em!!!

The 1st one was at the little park - It was one of those cool rocks that have a false bottom!  So rad and super hard to find actually since there was a lot of fallen leaves causing a massive amount of ground cover.

The hint was "on the other side of the fence"
Is that a rock?
Nope it's a cache!


I got another fun surprise and earned a souvenir! 

Container is all melted but you could still log it!

The view from Robbers Peak

One Saturday when the weather wasn't too hot, I got a little stir crazy (We're still on COVID-19 lockdown) and I wanted to do some caching.  I've started a little list in my Cache profile and trying to tag caches in places I haven't seen around me.  Mostly parks and trails.  I was able to convince the boy and kiddo to get out and he suggested a picnic lunch at Box Canyon Park in Yorba Linda.  Perfect!!

We sat under a pretty tree in the shade, had a lovely lunch, found a the one cache in the park then wandered down the road a bit to find a 2nd.  It got a little hot but just as we arrived a car pulled up behind us and we heard a woman yell "Are you guys geocaching!?"  Oh my god!!!  I have never run into another geocacher while caching!!!  I squealed Yes and she told us what it looked like and pointed in the general direction of the location.  I was so thrilled to actually run into a cacher while caching!!! 

Cute Rocks on our walk!

Street Cache!  Seymore was over it

Fun hide!  No log though :(

Tree gazing

Hit up another park!  Tri-City Park in Brea/Placentia area.  They had 3 caches, a lake and we needed to get out of the house.  It was a lovely day of successful Geocaching!  I give the boyfriend credit here - he did most the finding this time!

1st one was pretty easy.  I knew where it was based on the hint, but before I could start to climb the boyfriend hopped up and found it!

Beat me to it!

Our little biker

This one was easy to get to, but you had to feel under to find it.  It was so cobwebby and lots of bugs!  Pat braved it and I made a mental note to start bringing gloves

I failed as a cacher here.  I literally poked at this and was like..."That's not it".  Well Pat went back and was like "Yes it is!".  Derp.  Left a little swag in this one

A lovely afternoon!

We were able to get another not too hot weekend (It's October FYI) and hit up another couple of parks on my list.  Now - one of these was a Mystery Cache!  I'm not sure I've done one of these yet.  It was crazy complicated but I was hell bent on figuring it out.  One Sat morning Pat and I deliberated over this damn thing for a couple of hours.  There were tons of letter/number combos, it referred to the "Sink my Battleship" game and Pat was convinced it had something to do with Excel.  After we entered everything we could not figure it out.  UGH!!!  I finally reached out to someone for a hint and the guy said something about shading and look at it again.  So I went back and changed all our x's in Excel to shading and as I was doing so, Elise over my shoulder said "It looks like a QR Code."  OH MY GOD SHE'S RIGHT!!!  After I finished, I scanned it and BAM - we got the coordinates!  Verified and all!


So  - we headed out to Yorba Linda Lakebed Park.  Sadly this ended up being quite the fail.  This isn't a park like you'd think of a park.  It's more of a place with dirt trails.  Elise was able to ride her bike a bit but it was so damn hot and our dog was dying, we just couldn't stay.  We did find one cache though called "Jerk"  rightfully so.  Damn thing was in a cactus field and I still have 2 stickers in my thumb but it was a big ol cool one!

Fuck you Cactus!

One of the biggest caches I've seen yet!

Now - we attempted to go to the coordinates of the Mystery Cache, but it was so hot and miserable and we just didn't have the time to really search.  We did a quick glance around but all agreed we'll have to come back when it's cooler.  Sigh.  So the Mystery Cache is still a damn mystery.

Determined not to have a total fail day - we hit up another smaller park that had one cache and Elise was able to ride around and there was shade and it was an easy cache in a tree find so yay!!

The name was Koala was in a bamboo tree!

So here I am!  Still stuck in a Pandemic.  This particular blog started in Feb, Lockdown hit and uprooted our lives, then started kinda caching again and sort of trying to find some sense of normalcy and now it's October.  We're still in restricted mode and cases are probably going to spike in the Fall, but at least we can still get out now.  With the weather cooling down - I'm hoping to do a hell of a lot more caching!!!  More blogs to come!

Looking forward to dragging more people on my cache adventures!

Friday, September 18, 2020

A couple of days in Idyllwild...

We're still in Covid-19 Country.

It still sucks.

But there are ways to escape - and we did.

One day Pat said - "You want to get out of here for a couple of days?"


I tried to find something unique but safe but able to social distance and blah blah and I found an adorable little place on air bnb.  I believe they are also on hipcamp
The only bummer was check in wasn't until 4 and check out was 10am so our little Wed - Fri vacay wasn't as long as I'd hoped but it was still a lovely escape.
The place is called Camp Owl Pine.  This family has a 2 acre-ish piece of land up there and they have their home, a little carriage house turned guest house they rent out, and this Camp Owl Pine.  We met the dude when we checked in then never saw each other again even though we were on the same property.  

Our little camper we slept in

The kitchen chill area

They had a couple of hammocks

Shower and toilet.  The toilet was a little weird and a bit too hippie for me (You didn't put the toilet paper in the thing but rather in a bag and throw it away out side.  Eeeek! but it was still cool!

Found out Pat is really good at darts!

Such cute little touches
This was around the property:

 We did a little geocaching the 1st day before we checked in!

This one was over by the BrewPub

There's a cache here!

Found it!

After we checked in we had dinner across the street at Cafe Aroma.  It was so nice to just walk across the street for dinner!  The food was delish!  I was really pleasantly surprised at all the places we ate the food was fantastic!

Yummy!  Also...great place to overhear some interesting convos...tee hee!

We wandered the town quite a bit.  It was walking distance from the place.  A good walk at that.  They also had some sort of deer art thing.  You saw all these little painted up deer everywhere.  The town is super cute and very sleepy and chill.

This was in front of someone's house!

We got ice cream after our hike and they even had non dairy options!

Odd combo

The two nights we hung out on the little kitchen deck, drank booze out of our new cups, played Skip-Bo and talked the night away.

Last night of vacay...blurry photo about sums it up

Pat has taken the lead in our ongoing games

Wine in my new Cup!

Beer in his new cup!

Unfortunately even though a lot of places have opened back up the trails we were planning to hike were closed due to the awful fires we've been having.  But the lovely ranger told us that the Nature Center was open for trail hiking and we ended up doing that instead.  It knocked our plan for hiking from two days to one but honestly it was probably better.  We're both pretty out of shape!  We wandered all over the area and did a lot of geocaching of course!  It was just gorgeous and a wonderful morning of hiking around.  




Geocacher Hikers!

Can ya see it?

Loved the Manzita trees!

I always try to get a non-selfie of us!

 That night we had dinner at the Brew Pub

It was so pretty and outdoors and they had everyone spaced out.  They even took temps before you came in so we felt very comfortable.  I loved it.  It reminded me of the place we hit up in Mammoth where you're enjoying your dinner and drinks and looking out into the gorgeous nature!

It was so nice to get away even for the little amount of time we did.  We got to check out the area and really dig it.  The place we stayed was really cute.  I'm not much of a camper but this I could handle.  We'll be back I'm sure!  

How cute are we?

I love getaways.  We are really in some awful times right now and I'm so grateful we still have the opportunity to do things like this.  Pat and I had a really great time and I love when we can spend time like this together.