Thursday, April 15, 2021

Scream for Vaccines...

 So we have a tool to fight this COVID bitch!

2 Vaccines came out in December and a 3rd one followed shortly after that.

I wanted to document my experience because this is just going to be a weird/awful time to look back on in history.

Pfizer and Moderna are the two that came out first -  both are a two shot process.  Pfizer 3 weeks apart, Moderna four.  Then Johnson & Johnson came out with a one shot punch.

People eligible for vaccines are coming out in waves/tiers.  The 1st round was Healthcare workers, first responders and folks over 65.  The next one was Education peeps (me!), essential workers and folks with underlying conditions.  I'm assuming the last phase will be everyone else.  That one hasn't opened yet as I'm typing this 1st part of my 2 part blog.

There are 3 huge pods here in OC.  Soka University, Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland.  These are all booked through the Othena website/app.  You can also check pharmacies, Kaiser and maybe a few others but they're a bit difficult to book.  

I was holding out for the Johnson & Johnson because I ALWAYS have horrible reactions to things, and post hemorrhage I basically barf at everything.  So I was hoping for just the one shot.  But after the scare I had and the fact that once it opens up to everyone  it'll be harder and the fact that everyone is getting them and I'm starting to feel left out and the fact that in order to fight this bitch we need to just do it - I bit the bullet and signed up for Pfizer at Soka.  Hearing peeps experience with all the different shots it seems like Pfizer has the least side effects.

I booked my appointment for a Sat morning and headed out, praying I don't have bad effects afterwards.  So far so good but it's just day one.

I must admit the process was pretty easy.  I was a little worried when I drove up and saw a huge line of cars to get in, realizing I was not going to make my 10:15 but I was texting Carol who had done it already and she said not to worry

Holy Crap

But also - look at all the people getting vaccinated!!!

Once in, they direct you to drive through or walk up  - depending on your capability I guess, then you go through a drive through temperature check.  Once directed to park there's folks everywhere telling you where to go you get in line.

We registered at tables where they scanned our info (I had all my documents proving I worked at Chapman but they never looked at it) checked your ID and sent you off to que up.

Social Distance Line Queing

I'm a bit anxious at this point
Once in you're directed to a station where they check your ID again and scan your stuff - they also make your 2nd appointment.  There was another women - a gal that seemed like a little gramma who asked me which arm.  I said left and the next thing I knew she was putting on the band aid.  I didn't even feel the shot!

They explain the next steps then you're directed to an area to sit for 15 min, then you're off!

Shot 1 Check!

That's it.  It was so organized and easy!

Now my hope is I don't have any reactions or side effects.  I plan on posting this blog after shot #2!

Ok!  Here it is a few weeks later and I'm post shot #2!

I feel like this time I wasn't as anxious for the unknown, but still anxious about the side effects.  I was hearing everyone gets nailed after shot #2.  Ugh.

So - exact same process as above except this time there were way less people!  I'm not sure why, but the line of cars was super short and I didn't wait in any line to get in to get my shot.  Literally just walked right on in.

The drive thru area

This time I felt the shot.  No biggie, but there was a bit of a pinch.  Then sat for my 15 minutes.  This time I got a sticker!

This bitch is VACCINATED!

So - my arm pretty much immediately starting feeling pretty sore when I got home, and as the day progressed, I felt ok but the arm was really hurting.  No big. I can handle.  

I noticed I was starting to feel kinda more sore and tired, so I took an Epsom Salt bath that night and went to bed really early.  I had a rough night.  Tossing and turning all night.  Body starting to ache.  Just felt crappy.  Woke up Sunday realizing this second shot was going to be rougher.  I still got up and did my Sunday morning grocery store trip, but made Pat unload the groceries since my arm was hella hurting.  Then was basically useless the rest of the day.

I took 3 naps I think, and just lounged around.  Body aches, fatigue and sore arm were what got me.  That night I slept way better and Monday did deal with a base of the skull headache most of the day but that was it.  It wasn't pleasant persay but I was stoked I didn't barf and stoked that was it.  I never had a fever or chills, just the achey all over-ness.  

But here I am a few days later and feeling just fine!  And - fully vaccinated!!  Or will be in another week, but still - I feel like we're turning a corner.

 I know there's a lot of hesitancy on getting these vaccines but I trust Science.  I trust Doctors.  And this is the only damn thing that's going to get us out of this pandemic.  I mean that's what stopped Polio and the measles and the mumps, etc etc.  SO - I know not everyone will get vaccinated but hopefully enough of us will that we can stop this bitch once and for all.  I feel proud that I did my part in this fight against COVID.

I'm looking forward to hugs!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Madonna Inn and SLO...

Yay another mini getaway!
I'm so glad we can still find ways to run a way for a few days during these weird COVID times.
Madonna Inn was having a pretty good special one week so Pat went for it.  We stayed a Tuesday through Thursday.  I've stopped there a few times while driving up California but never actually stayed there so I was thrilled to check something off my bucket list! The only thing that wasn't open was the Spa and the nightly entertainment.  A bummer, but we still had a ball!

We stayed in the Wilhelm Tel room!  Our main reason for booking that particular one was Pat wanted a Rock Waterfall Shower and it was the coolest!!

We headed out Tuesday morning and made great time!

My only two complaints about the place is the front desk staff was none too friendly or helpful.  The 1st guy seemed legit annoyed to be helping us and the 2nd gal was just as unfriendly and kind of an idiot.  But the rest of the staff (waiters, bartenders) were just delightful.  The 2nd complaint is just that the structure is older, so you hear EVERYTHING.  The people above us would walk normally and it sounded like they were breaking through the wood ceiling.  But other than that it was great.  The pool was beautiful.  I'd love to go back and actually swim in it.  We had planned on playing tennis on the hot pink tennis courts but never made there. And the grounds are just stunning!

Since we arrived a bit early, we couldn't check in so we got some drinks by the pool, played a bit of Bocce Ball (Which I found out I'm pretty good at!), wandered the grounds and found my 1st geocache!
I just love the gaudy wonderfulness of this place!

Happy Easter!

OMG Hi Horsey!!!

He came up and let me pet his beautiful head!

Perfect start!

1st find of the trip!

Apparently there once was an MGM Lion that lived here...

We then checked into our room and it was small but glorious!

So much red!

Rock Waterfall Shower

Then you turn it on and it was so freakin cool!!!!

The story...

of Wilhelm Tel...

via stained glass...

That evening we wandered into town for dinner at Libertine Brewing Company  They had a really nice outdoor seating area and the food was delish!

The view from the patio...Can you EVEN?!

We then strolled around downtown and did some more geocaching!

Lightpost Cache

Pretty murals all over the streets

Park cache!

Then back to the Inn for some of their famous cake and wine in their famous goblets!  Back to the room where hell yes we wore the pink Madonna Inn Robes they let you borrow!

So. Good.

The view of the Inn at night

Pink robes!

He did not want me to photograph him in his robe so this is the best I got.  Giggle

On Wednesday we decided to hike the Madonna Mountain because it was like right there so why not?  We could walk from the Inn.  It's part of the "9 Sisters".  We hiked another one of the sisters when we came up to Paso Robles a few years ago called Bishop's Peak.  

Madonna Mountain was a damn good hike!  About 4ish miles and a 1K elevation gain.  It was just gorgeous!!!  I of course also did some more geocaching!

We gonna hike that bitch


Trailhead cache

Higher up we go...

Made it to the top!

So damn pretty!

Top of the mountain cache

I see you!


Taking a break before we head back down.

I was trying to catch the hawks - there were like 5 flying around!

I see you cache!

I love cool trees!

After cleaning up we headed back to downtown for a late lunch at Taste Craft Eatery and holy crap was it amazing! We both ordered a couple of different gourmet sliders and the garlic fries..OMG!  Everything was so good and our waiter was fantastic.  Highly recommend!!  

I had wanted to hit up at least one winery while we were there so we headed off to Wolff Vineyards.  I'm not too familiar with the wineries up there so I just went based on reviews and this was a good one!  The grounds were stunning of course, as was the drive there.  Just about 20 out of town if that.  We sat out on their beautiful outdoor courtyard and both did a tasting.  The gal who helped us was very friendly and the wine was good!  We got a bottle of the White Blend I liked and a bottle of the Pinot Noir Pat raved about.

Wine Tasting

Our purchases!


We came back and relaxed for a while then back to downtown for dinner.  Goshi Sushi was the winner and although we had a hell of a time finding it and ended up having to wait a while - it was well worth it.  The outdoor seating area was just beautiful and peaceful, a little river rolling past it and the sushi was goooood!  The sushi is way better than the rolls if you find yourself there.  We also had a very sweet waitress!

Basically in heaven

Get in mah belly!!!

Came back for a little gift shopping and wandering some more.

Madonna Mountain at night

The waterfall urinal in the mens bathroom!

Our last day (sad face) we got breakfast in the Inn - 1st indoor dining experience since COVID, but it was almost empty so we felt comfortable then did a quick cache grab before we headed out.  We had decided to hike the Montana del oro before heading home. This is more of a walk rather than a hike which was nice after the ass kicking we got the day before.  It's along the coast and is just breathtaking!  There are little coves you can climb down into and you can see Morro Rock!  It was so pretty and peaceful and gorgeous weather!  Of course got some geocaching in there as well.

This was rad!

Glorious Pink Cache at the Inn



Just gorgeous

So damn pretty I can't stand it

Sea Friend!!!!

Morro Rock!

Last cache of the trip - can you see it?

We then headed out and sadly had a horrific drive home.  We somehow hit ALL OF THE TRAFFIC.  

But aside from the drive home, we had such a perfect little trip!  We got to hike and see beautiful breathtaking sites, ate the yummiest of food, drank some good libations and spent some really great quality time just the two of us.