Sunday, December 16, 2018

Moonlight Forest...

We hit another super cool event this year - Moonlight Forest.  This was similar too (and not far from) Descano's Enchanted Forest that we hit last year.  If ya don't recall you can read about that Here.  The difference being - this was all lanterns!  Everything was made of what lanterns are made of and they were stunning!!

I was hoping to get the Photo Group to go, but sadly no one was able to join.  But my mom, Keri and The McDonald Family joined us with Pat, Elise and I.  It was really a beautiful evening!!

It takes place at the LA Arboretum (which I plan to hit up again in the daylight - maybe for a Photo Play Date!) so it was just an hour or so away. 

They had a little food court area with delicious Food Trucks which we hit 1st, and I think that all worked out well.  Our check in was 5:30 and most peeps hit the pathway so we hit the food.  We never hit too many crowds and I think it all worked out perfect!

Our group was separated in the beginning, but we did manage to be together for a little while.  I would defiantly recommend this event!  So pretty and super impressive! 

This Peacock was so huge!!!

Weird Kool-Aid Cannons

Elise Angel

Jami Angel

Bouncy Mc-bounceAlot Photo Bombing

I want a backyard like this

They will eat you....


Paisley Frog

Loved this!

Chinese Opera

Hi Kitty!

The Ocean Tunnel was my favorite of the evening

Our crew!

My adorable boyfriend and a sea creature

Hi Elise and Cori!

They had a whole line of the Chinese Astrological Signs.  There's my dragon!

The Avery's and The McDonald Fam

I loved him!

I could not get over how enormous this Dragon was!  So rad!!


Creepy Emoticons

The Green Tunnel

Mom got Elise a rad little light thing!
A lovely evening at a beautiful event with a great group of people!!